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Posted by: Kwabena El 28-Dec-23
Perpetual Website Traffic with The World Profit Center

Perpetual Website Traffic with The World Profit Center

Unlimited perpetual website traffic systems can be compared to the theoretical Big Bang.  Some inputs of nature started it off.  The point being that there was input, a coordination of forces that caused the effect.  It is believed that the universe is ever expanding.

Imagine having ever expanding website traffic.  What would your fortunes look like?  Even a poorly constructed prospect funnel would have respectable results.  But of course with proper training, you would coordinate your procedure to maximize your sales potential.  Too many affiliate/mlm marketers are still setting this process up incorrectly.  Instead of using a funnel to control the sales process they are just throwing anything up against a wall to see what sticks.

Let's change that today.  There are many different types of website traffic programs out there.  Some provide just straight views which is Ok.  If these views are targeted to a specific type of prospect then that is great. One view per click then becomes worthwhile.  But most often you just have general traffic which you then need to filter.

In my opinion, what is a better method is by which you can take that general traffic and continuously multiply it.  There are traffic programs that do exactly that.  Typically, as you build your network you are given more credits for traffic.  Some traffic programs on top of that, allow you to earn credits outside the network. In this manner you both gain more exposure.  As time moves on the tipping point is reached where your output exceeds your input.  Now your traffic grows as if it has a mind of it's own.

Perpetual Website Traffic

This is an alternative to organic search engine traffic which takes time to build.  The other problem with search traffic is that we all can't be on page one of the Google Search.  There are winners and everyone else.

With a perpetual website traffic method in place you can become a winner and consistently bring targeted visitors to your offers.  Your offer is not the sales page.  Your offer should be an opportunity for your prospect to gain more information. Try to always send your prospect to a capture page or a landing page that leads to one.  If your using an affiliate capture form you should make sure that you have access to the contact information or at least an internal mailer.

Creating an unlimited perpetual website traffic system that does not give you access to your prospects is like throwing away money.  You would have done all that work for nothing.  Make your prospects stick by putting them in your funnel with a generous or useful offer.

Perpetual Website Traffic with The World Profit Center


Unlimited Home Business Website Traffic and Leads


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