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Posted by: Mary Lee 04-May-20
Worldprofit's Clickbank Maximizer Autoresponse System

Many of our Worldprofit Members are actively promoting ClickBank (CB) products.

Recognizing this, we have created for our Worldprofit  Members  the CB Maximizer.

In this lesson, we introduce you to the CB Maximizer and how you use it to earn money and sell more ClickBank products.

The CB Maximizer was designed to offer you an automated way to sell ClickBank products 

What we have done for you is create automated landing pages, here is an example: http://www.cashquest.com/superbonus/
This is a lead generating system to capture the contact information of your prospective buyer. A bonus is offered to entice the reader to enter their contact details, and allow them to optin to receive your mailings.   When they optin,  the person then goes on to a special autoresponder list. Every two days your prospective buyer will be sent random products from your Clickbank Promo Kit (more on the CB Promo Kit in another lesson).  They can optout anytime should they choose to do so.   Every 2 days, they will get a CB Product letter with your CLOAKED links. This includes a signature file from our new PROFILE area (right under your name on the top left menu) which includes your promo links. We also include a link for them to get 50,000 free visitors and much much more. That means every 2 days you are marketing EVERYTHING IN YOUR ARSENAL to hundreds of people --> EVERY TWO DAYS!! Think of the money stream this means for you.

We now offer the ability for you to add ONE of your external autoresponders to our system. When you add it below (watch help video above first) you will be able to add leads to both your Clickbank Maximizer list AND your external aWeber, getResponse, GVO or Mailchimp list.

How do you use the CB Maximizer to earn money?

Easy, you send out the letters to all of your safelists in the SAME way you send out the CB promo kit letters. Every day you market just as you would with the regular promo kit except the results change. How? You get leads on your CB Maximizer Autoresponse System!!! And, you get to see who is on and get a DAILY REPORT sent to your email of what is happending in your business.

We urge you to now watch this short screencast video that overviews the CB Maximizer so you can see how it works, and how you earn money with this software.

Mega Profit Product Showcase:

» Social Sale Rep - Work at home as a Social Rep?

Yours In Success,
George Kosch

George Kosch is co-founder of Worldprofit and has been in business online for over 20 years.


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