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I'm a business owner of over 10+yrs experience. I've been in 3 network marketing businesses (1 of which is current), 2 janitorial businesses, currently own a fish market, and have dabbled in affiliate marketing.

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Posted by: Red 12-Nov-17
Having Trouble With, Or Want To Learn Affiliate Marketing?

If you're having trouble earning with affiliate marketing, it's most likely because of one of the following reasons:

  • You're mentor(s) are feeding you horrible advice
  • You're not putting the proper amount of time into it
  • You jumped right in thinking it's as easy as writing a few blog posts and sharing a couple links. 

Affiliate marketing is not that easy. You need to write constantly and consistently, on a schedule your readers will know you'll keep. If you're blog is primarily general info, don't do reviews; and vice versa. Your blog needs to flow. Likewise, if you start by publishing every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for example, don't skip one of those days or change days without first letting your readers know. Keep your blog focused. If your niche is health & wellness, don't write about anything unless it relates to health and wellness. 

Do yourself a favor, don't spam your social media, website/blog, or landing pages with too much ads. You want people to trust you and view you as an authority figure in your niche. 

Today people go out of there way to avoid ads and salesy content. You need to sell without selling. Otherwise you won't gain a readership, or definitely won't sell anything. 

To learn the proper ways of affiliate marketing, with the potential to earn while you learn, click here. It will open in a new page. You will be provided with:

  • Classes and tutorials
  • Hosting
    • Website(s)
    • Domain
    • Email
  • Tools
    • Website builder
    • Keyword search tool
    • And more
  • 24/7 chat support
  • Community support
  • Access to the founders
  • And more

It is highly recommended you get the premium plan to get full access. The more you do, the more you will earn. 

Go ahead and click here and get started today.


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